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November 12, 2009

Do you know where is this place?

Our Food Trail  brought us to Lan Fong Yuen. And boy, it was such a busy shop even at 4pm! Lucky us, we took only few minutes to get our Seats! 

The last time i was there, i didn’t managed to locate the place! This time round, with my slight improved cantonese and my two companions, we managed to track this down!

It’s amazing that such a place exists in CENTRAL, Hongkong. 

This place is definitely popular with locals!

I was looking forward to this meal and i wasn’t disappointed at all. I love the 咖央西多士! It simply melts in your mouth!



And who says that you will get bad service and attitude in Hongkong? I beg to differ. 

Even though the place is really PACKED! The staff were actually pretty nice to us!



We wanted to bring the 咖央西多士 (Toast) back for the folks to try, but they told us that it won’t be as nice!  




We loved the 咖央西多士 and 豬扒!

From Openrice –

Do Grab a bite there next time but its only from Mon-Sat 7am – 6pm 😀


蘭芳園-老店-Lan Fong Yuen

地址 : 中環結志街2號
英文地址 : No. 2, Gage st (Central)
電話 : 2544 3895/ 2854 0731
類別 : 港式、茶餐廳/冰室、果汁/奶茶、粉麵/米線
消費 : $41-$100
招牌菜 : 奶茶、豬扒包、撈丁、西多
營業時間 :星期一至六: 07:00-18:00


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