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Tamaya 「たまや」

November 18, 2009

Friday Night Dinner 🙂


Introduced by Ems, we head there for our dinner last friday for some Oden 「おでん」, Yakimono 「焼き物」. Tamaya is one of the urban Izakaya 「居酒屋」 in Singapore. Their menu boasts a wide range of variety from classic japanese treat of oden 「おでん」,  sashimi 「刺身 」to  kamameshi 「釜飯」(Japanese’s version of claypot rice – i love it) 。



Just like any other Izakaya places, Tamaya is popular with the Japanese. 



But the menu is pretty user-friendly with the use of brief description of the various Japanese dishes.



My friend did the ordering while i just seat back, relax and enjoy my dinner for the day 😀



Being a Izakaya Japanese cuisine place , the Otooshi 「お通し」is automatically servied before a meal (I’m not sure whether could you decline that, but just be reminded that the Otooshi costs $3/plate).



In some places, Otooshi can be a plate of pickles, dried snacks. At Izakaya, their Otooshi is a simple plate of cold fried fish with some pickles . It’s pretty appetizing but i can certainly do without it since it cost me $3 a plate.  And with 3 diners, it came up to $9 on a bill. -_-. I could have another stick of Kurobuta 黒豚.



We had our dosage of Oden 「おでん」- Japanese’s Version of our local Yong Tau Foo. 

The only difference is probably the soup base and the use of some other special ingredients like cabbage roll (Cooked Cabbage wrapped with eat), konnyaku 「蒟蒻/菎蒻」(Japanese loves to use this as Konnyaku is low in calories, practically no fat contents, prevents high blood pressure etc).

I seriously think i need to eat more Konnyaku. 😛

We had the Oden Mori – Oden with Assorted Ingredients of Konnyaku, Boiled Egg, Satsuma age (Fish Cakes) , Daikoh Radish, Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin), vermicelli. ($13.60)

The ingredients are simmered together and are served with karashi (hot mustard).



It wasn’t enough so we ordered another bowl of Oden. This time round, we chosed the Ingredients ourselves. 🙂

We had Ganmo -$3.80  (fried tofu dumpling that included vegetables, egg white, and sesame) , Kinchaku – $3.20  (It’s abura-age (thinly sliced deep fried tofu) stuffed with a small piece of mochi (rice cake) and tied into a little purse with kampyo (dried strips of gourd). These are great, because the abura-age absorbs the broth while the mochi inside gets all melty and soft – Source from . and Roll Cabbage – $3.80.

We love it! Definitely some comfort food as it was pretty cold on friday night.  



Besides that, we also had their 3 Kind Sashimi 刺身- $29,80 (Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail). No doubt, the sashimi was definitely fresh. I love the tuna.



After our healthy choice of Oden, you thought that’s the end of it? Nahz. We continued our night with some sinful indulgences.


黒豚Kurobuta – $6.80

It was really good. Nicely done. But of course, it’s a bit pricey at $6.80 for two sticks but its alright since we don’t do it that often :p


Thank god we only ordered two sticks to share, if not, we probably have to jog more rounds during the weekend 😀



And our next choice of meat includes the Wagyu Steak.

Wagyu Steak – $27.20

The Wagyu beef was nicely done. It was perfect as it wasn’t overcooked or burnt. The taste was good. I could taste the good fair bits of fats. Three of us happily devoured the sinful Wagyu steak.



It was a good meal that night. The weather was great. The company was good.  :)



たまや Tamaya Dining

45/47 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrance
Mon-Sat: 6pm – 1am
Sun: 6pm – 12am
 Tel: +65 6835 3539
(Do Make reservations if you want a room or you wish to sit upstairs :))
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  1. November 19, 2009 21:10

    Me want those fatty fatty looking SASHIMI…..Droolz** all over the laptop

  2. reiz permalink*
    November 22, 2009 21:14

    >YL : Yeah they are pretty thick slices! So for the price, it’s decent =) Plus it’s fresh! Yums!

  3. May 27, 2010 16:48

    If only I had a greenback for each time I came here… Great writing!

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