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Jingle Jiggy Prawns

December 2, 2009


Simple Lunch-time Fare.



It’s the time of the year again.  We had a Jingle Jiggy meal on 1st December.

This Christmas Season – jingle Jiggy Prawns with Matcha or Orange from Yoshinoya.  We got the Jingle Jiggy meal the other day that includes one bowl of your own choice, Miso Soup and Jingle Jiggy Prawns. I just had like Shaker Fries the other day, and now there’s Jingle Jiggy Prawns? Well, you get to Jingle Jiggy up your prawns with either Matcha or Orange. I don’t really like it though.



Throw in the Matcha or Orange, Jingle Jiggy it up! And there you go, you get your Jingle Jiggy Prawns.




Well, you still have the Scratch and win which we gotten like a Free Jiggy Soda but on our next purchase. 😐

I just don’t have such luck. I think i will just stick to my usual Salmon or Beef Bowl for lunch.


There’s nothing fanciful here, just your usual fast-food joint.

Well, at least the Jingle Jiggy prawns was amusing enough on a Blue Monday Afternoon.



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