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Robatayaki Naniwa (Izakaya Naniwa)

December 15, 2009



Have you ever been to a place that you totally have no clue what to order? I’ve certainly been to one.  I’ve patronised several Izakaya places and Robatayaki Naniwa is definitely one of the more unique ones in Singapore.



A Japanese chef and his Singaporean wife own the place.



At Robatayaki Naniwa , an Izakaya (居酒屋) and Robatayaki,  the chef will be station at his place, whereby he will be surrounded by ingredients on display. At Robatayaki Naniwa, there are only perhaps 10-15 limited counter seats.



There’s no exact menu that states the price of each individual dishes. To order, just get either the chef or his wife’s attention and point at what you want. He will then scoop up your choice on a wooden paddle, cook it and his wife will served you the dishes. The bill comes in traditional handwritten form too and its only stated “Food = XX Amount”.



Well, there’s definitely a menu but it’s purely in Japanese. Please bring your Japanese friend along as the lady boss will not explain to you the Menu. She will simply tell you that the menu is only in Japanese and if you can read, that will be a bonus. With my limited Japanese knowledge, I’m still able to read the Basic Yakitori 「焼」and Tempura 「てんぷら」Menu. It took me  a while though.  It looks like I have to buck up my Japanese.  🙂



This Charming little place is cater for the Japanese expatriates and you can easily find Japanese Cuisine Books, Magazines and even Japanese TV programs.


I’m glad that my first visit was with my Japanese friend, if not, I definitely will be at a lost and will probably just end up having Ebi Tempura , Agedashi Tofu and Chawanmushi 「茶碗蒸し」.


Just like any other Izakaya, you are served with otoshi ($10) that consists of their daily special starters and Edamame. If you would ask me frankly, I’m not that accustomed to the taste of it.  But it’s the experience i figured. I’m still figuring out whether can I reject the otoshi but i guess it would be rude to do so. Oh well.



Grated Smooth Yam Ball with Asparagus and Katsuobushi / Bonito Flakes「かつおぶし」


As mentioned earlier, to order the food, you simply pick whatever that you fancy, the chef will then scoop up your choice on a wooden paddle, cook it and his wife will served you the dishes. There’s no small, medium or large portions here. It all goes by the number of people 「一人 (Hitori) 、二人(Futari) 。。」.

焼きじゃがバター Jaga Butter – Baked Potato with Butter




Rouru-Kyabetsu 「 ロールキャベツレシピ」ー Rolled Cabbage
Rouru-Kyabetsu 「 ロールキャベツレシピ」ー Rolled Cabbage


 「 ロールキャベツレシピ」ー Rolled Cabbage


Rolled Cabbage (Rouru Kaybetsu) is a savoury food dish consisting of cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a variety of filling (Well Marinated Meat). Rolled Cabbage filled with the filling are then baked, simmered or steamed in a covered pot and generally eaten warm, often accompanied with a sauce. The Sauce used by the Japanese is a strong tomato based sauce that has an uncanny resemblance to the taste of lasagna. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂  

The Bill came up to about $120 for 3 of us (inclusive of 10% Service Charge). (3 Otoshi/Starters $30, 1 Beer $7.50, 1 O-Cha $3 (Non Free Flow) , 1 Juice $3 and the total food (about 6 dishes) – $80.



Robatayaki Naniwa (Izakaya Naniwa) 

No 5 Koek Road #03-13,
Cuppage Plaza S(228796)
+65 6734 1418
6pm – 11pm
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  1. December 16, 2009 12:10

    This is so interesting! I think I’ll be intimidated by the Japanese menu haha. Though I dearly love Japanese food, I can’t read the language. Is the quality good? Sounds a little pricey.

    • reiz permalink*
      December 21, 2009 13:48

      Heya! Yeah the quality is good but it’s just pricey! I need to brush up my japanese first 😀

  2. December 26, 2009 18:18

    this is way too cool. time to brush up on my japanese and head there soon. thanks for sharing.

    • reiz permalink*
      December 28, 2009 00:14

      offspring > haha! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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