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Kungfu Milk Tea 功夫奶茶

January 6, 2010

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a crazy Teh C/ Teh Si/ Milk Tea/Teh Tarik/港式奶茶/大排檔奶茶/絲襪奶茶.

I wasn’t that much of a Milk tea lover when I was young. It was only probably when I was 18, my friend introduced me to Teh C Peng.  I’m definitely a Teh C addict.


The “Teh” in this case, refers to Tea in Hokkien.

Why “C” then?

The “C” in context, refers to Carnation Evaporated Milk.

Photo Credits to Nestle Website.


So, “Teh C Peng” is simply Tea with evaporated milk and sugar.


With the age catching up, I think I’m opting for Teh C Siew Dai (Tea with evaporated milk and less Sugar)


Personally, I think Man Jia Le Full House (满家乐) serves pretty thick and good Ice Milk tea.


Kungfu Milk Tea 功夫奶茶



Man Jia Le Full House (满家乐)

1. Central @ Clarke Quay Basement B1-30
2. Far East Plaza #01-16/A/B
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