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Charly T’s, Nomu Building (Just Beside The Cathay)

January 12, 2010




The first impression of Charly T’s – Mysterious.

Firstly, I have trouble pronouncing the name as it sounds like Charles but it’s not exactly that way and the name is pretty difficult to digest and remember. As we walked past Charly T’s, it probably took us few moments to decide what they are they serving. Well, if you are keen, you can always read up “Why Charly T’s” on their website.

 Charly T’s concept: “Bringing Food, Jazz, Life and more together – that’s what life’s exciting food journeys are all about




 We ordered the Charly T’s Famous Rotisserie Half Chicken that comes together with 3 Sauces and 3 Additions. (SGD23.95)



For Additions;

1. Macaroni and Cheese

2. Grilled Vegetables with Olive Oi

3. Butter Garlic Rice




Macaroni and Cheese is probably one of the simplest dishes to make yet it’s hard to perfect it. In my opinion, a good bowl of Macaroni and cheese shouldn’t be too watery or mushy. It should be creamy and taste real cheesy and buttery. Charly T’s Macaroni and cheese were alright but more cheddar would be better.       


For Secret Sauces,

1.  Charly T’s Original Sauce (#2 Spicy) 

 For a non-spicy eater, it was not spicy though. Go for the #3 Hot and let me know how it goes

2. Chimchurri (With Parsley, Red wine vinegar, and Pepper)

3. Creamy Roasted Sesame (It smells and tasted good, I like it.)


Simplicity is probably the best way to describe Charly T’s presentation of food. Charly T’s serves reasonable great rotisserie chicken. Their Chicken looks great!




Their Secret Sauces all tasted really good but personally, I feel their Rotisserie Chicken tastes pretty good without them. Variety is good but 2 sauces are more than enough for me. I wouldn’t mind replacing the Sauces with a Muffin though?  


 Charly T’s Rotisserie chicken is good on its own. True enough, their chicken is succulent and juicy and tasty enough, even without the Sauces.


 Being a one-month old new establishment, their new staff definitely needs some polishing as well. Price is probably on the higher side as well but at least they aren’t charging the 10% Service charge.


 Overall, our experience was alright but some urgent polishing needs to be done to entice more diners.

Charly T’s
20 Handy Road
Level 1 NOMU Building (Just Beside 1 Caramel, The Luxe, The Cathay)
+65 336 7789
Mon–Thu 7am – 11pm
Fri–Sun 7am – 2am
2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 14, 2010 07:18

    I agree with you on the mac n’ cheese. Mushy mac…yuck!

    • Reiz permalink*
      February 12, 2010 13:47

      Hi Kat, i just saw your message! Yes! mushy mac is not the best way to have for my lunch! 🙂

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