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The Love for 茶叶蛋.

February 24, 2010

I’m in a verbal diarrhoea mood now.

 After a good lunch and good company, we walked past Eu Yan Seng and I was attracted by the strong fragrant smell coming from the pot of Herbal Eggs. Woo.I have always been a fan of their Herbal Eggs (The Herbal Eggs from Eu Yan Seng, (The Eggs at Compass Point are usually sold out by 8pm.)

(Eggs are priced at $0.80 each)


Photo Credits to renwom's Flickr 
 Herbal Eggs, (茶叶蛋/五香茶叶蛋), a Chinese specialty, also commonly referred to as Tea Eggs has a long tradition and is a typical Chinese savory snack found in most Chinese communities throughout the World.

  I did a search and managed to find a number of recipes on Tea Eggs.

Please find below the list of people who took aesthetic appealing photos of their Tea Eggs.


Ann_ming’s Recipe

(Their 茶叶蛋 looks absolutely adoring!)

 10 Hard Boiled Eggs

(Lightly Crack – Do not peel)

Using a Separate Pot – Combine the following ingredients;

  1. 3-4 Tbsp Pu-Erh / Black Tea, Shaoxing Wine, Light Soya Sauce (酱油)
  2. 1-2 star anise (八角) & Cinnamon Sticks
  3. Few Slices of Ginger & Dash of Five Spice Powder ()
  4. 4C of water
  5.  Simmer on low heat for 30-40 Mins
  6. Add the cracked hard-boiled Eggs & Simmer for another 30 minutes (Leave overnight)


The other Tea-Egg Lovers;


Jaden from 

She did a pretty comprehensive guide to her Tea Eggs too! The eggs look lovely! Recipe’s here.


Photo Credits to Jaden from


And also,

Jen from

Jen  did a very neat write-up on the Tea Eggs too.  I love her Tea Egg Photos.

She has an easy Recipe over at her side but the Eggs look fabulous too!

Recipe’s here.



 And lastly,

 some tips: Some people don’t recommend the usage of super fresh eggs as their membranes are so thick that the marinade won’t seep in that easily and hence the marble effect won’t be as visible.


茶叶蛋, 蛋白嫩。口感棒!味道香浓!我喜欢!


Now, I should probably have a house party and ask my “guinea pigs” to try those eggs. 🙂


Please Eat in Moderation 🙂 *Note to self*

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  1. sHi permalink
    February 24, 2010 14:49

    Can I sign up to be your guinea pig? 😀

  2. sHi permalink
    February 25, 2010 23:55

    Certainly! Please put my name down……

  3. March 3, 2010 13:55

    Mmmmm….looks so divine. I just love the way the eggs look!

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